Retailer Signup

Use the below form to sign up as a Cypher Play Retailer. Once you are set up and approved, you can set up your store information.

  • Passwords must be 6 characters long.
  • Passwords must be 6 characters long.
  • Please provide the name of your business as it should appear on your coupon reimbursement check.
  • Please provide the address to which we should mail your coupon reimbursement check.
    • Once you have completed registration, use the Retailer/Organizer Login by clicking on Retailers in the top menu.
    • This will log you in with the account you have set up.
    • You can then to go Add Store Information to Add your Store's information to the database.
    • Once your store is in the database, you can go to Edit Retailer Profile and assign yourself to your store.

  • If you store isn't on this list, go to Add Store Information in the Retailer menu and add your store's details there. Then return to this page and choose your store from this list.
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